Find The Right Job For You:

Figuring Out Your Next Job Move Doesn't Have To Be So HARD

Lots of people are stuck in a jobs they don't like. You might be one of them. 

This course is a membership program that guides you through the often complicated and hard-to-navigate process of figuring out the right career or job for you, and landing it.

It offers a wealth of information, tools and resources, as well as a monthly group support coaching call and a growing network of career changers just like you.

The coaching call is unique. It's designed to talk about some of the tough stuff that never gets talked about anywhere - confidence, fears, imposter syndrome and more.  

The vision for the networking group is that it will grow into a group of career and job changing peers who can help you in the real world. Think: informational interviews, unemployment support group, company insights and connections and more.  

This course covers:  

  • Tips for changing jobs or careers
  • Tips for landing a new job or career
  • Emotional support or other important topic related to career/job change via group coaching call
  • Growing community of career/job changers

You know that you can't stay stuck in a job you hate for 5, 10, 15 or more years. You need to do something. 

Changing your career or landing a new job can happen for you, and it doesn't have to be a mysterious process. 

Figuring out what comes next in your work life starts right here:


Join the Career Change Academy now and take charge of your career.

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Here's what's included...

career change academy


Don't Reinvent the Career Change/Job Hunting Wheel

Changing your career or finding a new job is hard, but it's been done before. There are tips, tricks, and methods that can be taught. You don't have to figure out what they are and learn them all from scratch. Learn them here, in my treasure trove of info, all laid out in an easy-to-follow plan. 

career change information calls


Get Exclusive Content You Won't Find Elsewhere

Information is awesome, but there's a lot about this process that you just need to ask about, or need to do a deep-dive on. That's why I'm doing a monthly coaching call, for members only, on topics that are important to you, including the emotional impact of the process. 

mastermind group


Marvelous Members to Help You Through.  

Whether it's networking with other people who get it, or forming a support group for people who have been unemployed long-term, this program is an amazing way to meet, connect, support, and be supported by other people who understand. 

Jessica Sweet Career Coach


Forbes Coach and Licensed Therapist

Hi there, I'm Jess Sweet, certified career coach, licensed therapist and creator of It's a website that I started back in 2008 for people in midlife. I help them after they realize that the thrill is gone (or never was) for what they are doing now in their careers, so they can discover what's next.  

Before I was a career coach, I was a clinical social worker and therapist, and I use those skills to help me understand more about you. Now, my goal is to help you discover a job or career that truly lights you up and to shorten the learning process to landing it. Come and join me and let's find what's next in your career!

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